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Colorado State University


1=poor > 5=best

The material presented was appropriate for the time allocated:

The presenter was knowledgeable on the topic of proposal writing:
The presenter was responsive to questions:
The visual aids/slides were informative, legible, and helpful to the presentation:
The handout was a useful supplement to the information that was presented orally:
This program would be useful as a regular part of our faculty/student development program:
The following are written comments about the seminar
(on file):

Please do this again at CSU. This was so much more than I expected. The "insider details", tips, hints were very helpful.
Enjoyed it. Wish it was available earlier in my career. Thank you!
I really appreciated the examples and suggestions for writing. Im grateful for a concrete, step by step approach to enhancing the quality of grant writing.
Appreciated the fact that presentations were tailored to the expertise/ research areas of those present, yet broad enough to apply to a variety of funding proposals/ agencies.
Good seminar- well organized. Would have liked to have had it twenty years ago.
This was a very worthwhile seminar that provided the kind of information I felt that I need to improve my grant writing skills.
Very good presenting, good examples based on real world experience.
A lot of excellent information that I will definitely use. Very inspiring/ motivating.
I enjoyed very much the entire day!! Very informative and high quality information delivered.
I hope/ wish we can have this workshop or similar every year.
Great seminar, very clear and concise. Thanks!
Excellent presenter and material. Very relevant to topic. Recommend have as an annual or biannual course. Having the seminar on site was a huge advantage. Great that material could be covered in one day.
I picked up many great tips- Thanks.
Incredibly informative and invaluable knowledge presented. Really appreciated the examples and all the tips on researching relevant funding opportunities.
Logical and informative talk with very good points. Fascinating insight into grant writing.
This should be a required course for all new faculty. Excellent presentation.